Kenilworth School Interviews

On Friday 24th March our Director Richard Hales assisted Kenilworth School & Sixth Form in setting up mock interviews for Year 12. Richard was delighted with the support from the local business and thanked them giving up their time to support such a wonderful cause. Hayden Abbott, Headteacher at Kenilworth School & Sixth Form thanked… Continue Reading

Helping the Future of Kenilworth

Our Director Richard Hales is assisting Kenilworth School & Sixth Form in setting up mock interviews for Year 12 on Friday 24th March.  Richard has asked other business to also get involved to ensure the pupils get a variety of business experiences and interview style. The interviews will run in the morning and the interviewers… Continue Reading

5 Things You Don’t Want to Get Noticed For at Work

You will no doubt find yourself in many different situations during your career so we thought we would give you some tips on the things you don’t want to get noticed for in the workplace!! 1.       Anything That Runs Counter to Your Boss’ Expectation of You Basically, you must stay onside with your boss, as this… Continue Reading

Richard’s Charity Abseil for Teenage Cancer Trust

On Saturday 7th April, our Director Richard Hales took part in a Charity Abseil down the Holiday Inn Kenilworth, in aid of Teenage Caner Trust. Richard’s group included Rash Patel (father of Milan Patel who the fund raising was done on behalf of), Kirsty Leahy from Touch FM and Rt. Hon Jeremy Wright QC MP. Richard who… Continue Reading

Tackling an interview head-on!

Whether you’re a candidate or a potential employer, tackling the interview process is extremely important for both sides! An interview is the chance to gain as much information as possible between the interviewer and interviewee. What information can we share with you to get the best out of what can be a nerve racking experience?… Continue Reading

Can you tell if a candidate is lying?

A recent recruitment survey showed that 58% of hiring managers have caught candidates lying on a CV. The lies don’t stop there either, with 4 out of 5 people lying about their professional attributes during job interviews. The rabbit-hole of candidate lies goes deeper than you might imagine. The most commonly found ‘pad-out’ subjects are… Continue Reading

Anniversary Celebrations at Kenilworth House

Rt Hon Jeremy Wright QC MP visited Kenilworth House on Friday 5th February, as we were celebrating our 1st year anniversary. Kenilworth House was set up last year by Charles Peters and two other businesses Jam Creative Marketing and the Orange Partnership to encourage smaller business to work together. Our Director Richard Hales is photographed along with… Continue Reading

Why candidates decline job offers (and what to do about it)

So, you have picked your candidate and you have contacted them to let them know they have the job for them to then either decline the offer or worse, ignore your calls. Does this sound familiar?  Every recruiter at some point has had, or will have, the experience of a candidate declining a job offer…. Continue Reading

Candidate References..Getting in right

Recent controversy surrounding recruiters using LinkedIn’s premium Search to gain references for perspective candidates are being urged to allow candidates to decide who they give as a reference. In America a lawsuit is gaining momentum after recruiters have been found to be contacting ex-colleagues and employers to get further information on potential candidates using the… Continue Reading