Client Testimonials

“Richard very quickly found a candidate who is hard working, has the ability to be adaptable and even in the short term he has applied himself admirably and professionally with any challenges we have presented to him. I would have no hesitation in using Richard Hales from Charles Peters recruitment for our next appointment when growing our team – Thank you.”
Serena White, Partner of AEFocus

“Richard very quickly took on the responsibility of recruitment and within 10 days he provided me with a shortlist of five excellent candidates, four of which I interviewed, three were all ideal and without a doubt the one I have chosen matches exactly the profile I initially shared with Richard on our first meeting. Excellent service and delivery of his promise, well done and thank you!”
Paul White, Partner of Cedars Wealth Management

“Richard is one of the most professional recruitment people I have dealt with – he arranged interviews with candidates who were properly qualified for the role and it was a pleasure to deal with a recruitment agency who deliver on their promises. I would recommend Richard and all the team at Charles Peters”
John O’Callaghan

“Charles Peters are extremely knowledgeable in his field and has been working in this sector for a number of years. He delivers on time and with excellent results. Recruitment is an increasingly competitive market and Richard and the team at Charles Peters make a huge difference by empathising with the requirements of an employing organisation. I have no hesitation in recommending Richard to any company wishing to recruit new members of staff”
Judith Fine

“I love working with Richard, i’m very lucky to know someone who genuinely cares about you in business and just “how are you”. What makes him different is the caring side to him, his also by far the expert in his field, businesses that need the right staff to come on board only need to get Richard involved and I can assure that with his deep understanding and takes time to really listen to clients he can deliver time after time.”
Sarah Koymen

“I have known and done business with Charles Peters for 18 months. They are a focused and driven team who consistently driving their business forward whilst considering the needs of others. I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard and his team at Charles Peters”
Rachael Ritchie

“I introduced Richard to a client of mine who was looking to expand his sales team. Richard quickly assessed what the company needed to compliment the current team and took immediate action. Through other business connections Richard has proved to be enthusiastic, reliable, trustworthy and his clients love him. I have no hesitation in recommending all the team at Charles Peters”
Mo Harford